Board of Directors

Florida Tech Alumni Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides overall direction for the board and its committees. It is comprised of the officers and two other members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President. In addition, the immediate past president serves as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee. It advises the board and makes interim policy interpretations between board meetings. The committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Board of Directors when necessary, subject to the subsequent ratification of the board. In such instances, the Executive Committee shall have all the powers of the Board of Directors, except the powers to make or amend bylaws. It is also responsible for the development of a long-range plan, updated yearly, that will outline the general scope and breadth of organized alumni activities the Association desires.

  • Officers
    • Chad Shoultz (President)
    • Andy Kirbach (Vice President)
    • Rhodie Humbert (Secretary)
    • Brian Stahl (Treasurer)
    • Duane De Freese (IPP)
    • Kim Bozik (Member-at-Large)
    • Dave Murphy (Member-at-Large)

Alumni Board Advisory Council (ABAC)

In order to coordinate and provide liaison between standing committees, the Executive Committee has assigned Executive Committee Members to serve as liaison members of standing committees as follows:

  • Members
    • Bob Arnold
    • Russ Ballagh
    • Paul Cecala
    • Duane De Freese
    • Dale Dettmer
    • Jim Downey
    • Jim Irvin
    • Alexis Loo
    • Charlie McShane
    • Rob Phebus
    • George Poidomani
    • Alan Prestwood
    • Ken Revay
    • John Valente

FTAA President Liaison

Immediate Past Presidents of the FTAA board serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the FTAA Executive Committee and as a direct liaison to the FTAA President. The prime responsibility of this position is to be available to provide historic knowledge, guidance and advice to the FTAA President as needed in order to facilitate a smooth and productive leadership transition.

  • FTAA President Liaison
    • Duane De Freese

Alumni Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for building good relationships between the Alumni Association and the alumni. It develops networks among our alumni to facilitate professional interaction and career opportunities for alumni and current students. This committee also works to establish, expand and promote chapters and other alumni organizations. It advises staff and chapter leaders in the areas of planning, chapter development and program promotions.

This committee also ensures that the Alumni Association utilizes the most effective communication and marketing techniques and vehicles to reach our alumni. It is concerned with improving communication with alumni in order to facilitate greater involvement of alumni in association programs and services. It reviews and recommends new programs and services for alumni.

  • Chair
    • TBD
  • Members
    • Marian Dionne
    • Chris Fernando
    • Bernie Fuchs
    • Javier Molinares

Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for searching out and evaluating prospective members of the board. In preparing recommendations for board membership, the committee ensures appropriate alumni representation from the various geographical areas, organizational units and demographic characteristics of the alumni. The committee evaluates current members of the board for possible re-election and considers nominations from the general membership to the board. The committee also evaluates current board members in order to provide a selection of candidates for officer positions. The committee also nominates an individual for any vacancy of an office or board position.

This committee is also responsible for reviewing criteria for honors and awards established by the board. It receives nominations and makes recommendations of recipients of annual honors and awards. This committee also assists in developing award presentation ceremonies.

  • Chair
    • Kim Bozik
  • Members
    • Eddie Enders
    • Andy Kirbach
    • Dan Schlegel
    • Brian Stahl
    • Joel Stephens

University Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for improving relations between the Alumni Association and the university by developing programs which support the university in achieving its goals. It assists the Office of Development in generating funds for the enhancement of the university.

  • Chair
    • Allyn Saunders
  • Members
    • Jim Carleton
    • Richard Enstice
    • Dave Murphy
    • Brian Stahl