Alumni Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations

If you would like to be considered for board membership, please remit the Application for Nomination to the Board of Directors. Thank you for your interest.

A member of the Alumni Board of Directors is elected to hold the position based on demonstrated involvement, support, and commitment to Florida Institute of Technology and the Florida Institute of Technology Alumni Association (FITAA). In accepting this position, the member agrees to fulfill, to the best of their ability, the responsibilities and expectations associated with Board membership which include, but are not limited to:

1. Meeting Participation

Attend and participate in at least one of the two Alumni Board meetings held each year. If unable to attend an Alumni Board meeting, submit in advance a written response related to action items on the agenda.

It is understood that failure to attend one of the two semi-annual Alumni Board meetings either in-person or via teleconference, shall result in an automatic recommendation to the Alumni Board for consideration for termination as a Board member. Members under consideration for termination will have an opportunity to appeal.

All Board members in attendance at the Fall on campus Alumni Board meeting are expected to attend the Homecoming Banquet unless excused by the Alumni Association President.

2. Committee/ Task Force Participation

Serve actively on at least one Alumni Board committee and participate in the majority of the committee meetings held. Occasionally these meetings are held in conjunction with the Alumni Board meeting, but many are held by teleconferencing at other times throughout the year. Because of the distances involved, these meetings are usually held by teleconference. Participate when asked to serve on a Task Force to the best of your ability to contribute to the team effort in accomplishing the objective of the Task Force.

3. Financial Participation

All Board members should consider becoming Panther for Life members of the FITAA. Board members are expected to be current donors to the University and shall also include a minimum contribution of $100 per calendar year exclusively to the FITAA. Members should determine if matching funds are available from their employer and initiate action to secure those funds.

4. Community Outreach

Become a representative and spokesperson in your community for Florida Institute of Technology. This task may involve talking with prospective students, meeting with other alumni, attending local chapter events, speaking to local civic groups, and more.

5. Alumni Involvement

Assist the University and the Alumni Association in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, career networking, legislative advocacy, chapter leadership, identify prospective donors, financial support, or more. Participate in Alumni Board sponsored initiatives such as letter writing campaigns and community involvement.

6. Program Activity Awareness

Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized, and coordinated by the Office of Alumni Affairs.

7. Advice and Support

Serve in an advisory and advocacy capacity for the Alumni Association and provide active support of the Alumni Association through resolutions and Board advocacy.

8. Departmental Link

Serve as a communications link with academic department to keep the department informed of Alumni Association activities and to encourage participation of faculty, staff, and departmental alumni in the Alumni Association. Assist with recommending candidates for the College’s Homecoming Alumni recognition award.